PUA - Pick Up Artists

The acronym PUA became famous because of the american dating coach Erik von Markovik with the nickname Mystery. In his TV show "The Pickup Artist" he trained inexperienced young men in dealing with women. He invented a lot of techniques to create a system (The Mystery Method) which should make it easier for men to seduce woman by following it step by step.

The candidates were not only totally inexperienced in dealing with women, but generally somewhat socially underdeveloped. After too much time alone, behind books or in front of a PC they have lost the sense for social interaction. In The Pickup Artist they got a completely new style and confidence, but especially their behavior and way of thinking (inner game) had to be improved.

Since there are many men worldwide who want to improve their social skills and dealing with women, due to the Internet, a movement started in which men start to share their knowledge about seducing woman and improving their whole lifestyle to become more attractive. The term pick up artist is a synonym for this trend.

Unfortunately, there are always some men who interpret certain techniques and behaviors wrong and practice them under the name of PUA. This may mean that they approach 100's of women every week or try to seduce girls in a relationship or worst, play with their feelings and intentionally hurting them. But those are rare cases.

PUA is not a competition, and women are not points. When women have hurt you in the past that doesn't give you the right to do the same to others. Respect their feelings, be honest with your intentions. Although it has much to do with a game (The Game), there are basic rules that must be followed. The number one rule that every ongoing Pick up Artist has to follow is:

"Always leave a woman better than you've found her!" Everyone who doesn't follow this rule has no right to call himself a PUA.