Dating Coaches

I guess nearly everyone watched or heard from the movie Hitch - The Date Doctor where Will Smith is playing a dating coach who is trying to help his nearly hopeless client Kevin James. This was one of the first moments that the world got an idea how a job like being a dating coach could really be helpful. The funny thing is that shortly after this movie was released in 2005, people started to search online for the "Dating Coach" a lot more.

A dating coach is like a personal coach but instead of boosting your motivation and teaching helpful techniques or training plans, he is helping you in the area of your love life. He gives you dating tips and advice on how to get a better game so that you can get the woman you always wanted or just enjoy your time with different women until you find the special one.

If the dating expert really knows what he is doing, he will offer you many different services, dependent on what you need and where your weaknesses are. He will try to analyse your personality, your type and find out the best way to help you gain success with woman.

The first step will be superficial, because if you don't have the right style and appearance, it will be very hard to attract good looking woman. Choosing the right clothes, haircut, being groomed and good smelling is the first important step.

The next one will be the right mindset. Many things that you have learned in the past from your mother or other females like being Mr. Nice Guy has destroyed your natural game. You need to learn the truth, what woman want.

After that the fun part begins, you will go out in the field, like PUA's would call it and approach your desired woman by starting a random indirect conversation or directly telling them that she's your type and you would like to see her again.

If you did that successfully you will most likely have a date with her, so it's important to know how to behave, some date ideas to know where to go with her and great conversation topics so that you keep the spark between you and find similar interests.

Women love sex as much as men do, but most of them need a lot of trust and comfort to open themselves to you. If you had a few successful dates you will get laid for sure. For some this is all they wanted but the majority of men prefer a relationship. The biggest and sometimes hardest part is starting a relationship and keeping the girl happy so that she will be loyal and sweet to you. That can mainly be done with a great personality and a good inner game like having confidence and always being a bit of a challenge. Those are things that you can't learn from one day to another because you can't fake it, woman will notice it after a few weeks, but if you constantly work on yourself this won't be a problem for you.

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